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Section Ⅰ Use of English

There’s nothing more welcoming than a door opening for you. 1 the need to be touched to open or close, automatic doors are essential in 2 disabled access to buildings, facilitating hygiene in required areas and helping provide general 3 to commercial buildings.

Self-sliding doors began to emerge as a commercial product in 1960 after being invented six years 4 by Americans Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt. They 5 as a novelty feature, but as their use has grown their 6 have extended within our technologically advanced world. Particularly 7 in busy locations or during times of emergency, the doors 8 crowd management by reducing the obstacles put in peoples’ way. They give us one less thing to tackle during daily life and the occasional quick escape.

9 making access both in and out of buildings easier for people, the difference in the way many of these doors open helps reduce the total area 10 by them. Automatic doors often open to the side, with the panels sliding across one another. Replacing swing doors, these 11 smaller buildings to maximise the usable space inside without the need to 12 the way for a large, protruding door. There are many different types of automatic door, with each 13 specific signals to tell them when to open. 14 these methods differ, the main 15 remain the same.

Each automatic door system 16 the light, sound, weight or movement in their vicinity as a signal to open. Sensor types are chosen to 17 the different environments they are needed in. 18 , a busy street might not 19 a motion-sensored door, as it would constantly be opening for passers-by. A pressure-sensitive mat would be more 20 to limit the surveyed area.

1. A. Through B. Despite C. Besides D. Without

2. A. revealing B. demanding C. improving D. tracing

3. A. experience B. convenience C. guidance D. reference

4. A. previously B. temporarily C. successively D. eventually

5. A. held on B. started out C. settled down D. went by

6. A. relations B. volumes C. benefits D. sources

7. A. useful B. simple C. flexible D. stable

8. A. call for B. yield to C. insist on D. act as

9. A. As well as B. In terms of C. Thanks to D. Rather than

10. A. connected B. shared C. represented D. occupied

11. A. allow B. expect C. require D. direct

12. A. adopt B. lead C. clear D. change

13. A. adapting to B. deriving from C. relying on D. pointing at

14. A. Once B. Since C. Unless D. Although

15. A. records B. positions C. principles D. reasons

16. A. controls B. analyses C. processes D. mixes

17. A. decorate B. compare C. protect D. complement

18. A. In conclusion B. By contrast C. For example D. Above all

19. A. identify B. suit C. secure D. include

20. A. appropriate B. obvious C. impressive D. delicate

【1】D 解析:空格后的短语意为“需要触摸才能打开或关闭”。文章首句提到“没有什么比一扇门自动为你打开更让人开心的了”,且空格所在句子的主语的是automatic doors(自动门),由此可知,空格所填词应该表示否定,才符合自动门的特点,故选Without。

【2】C 解析:空格所在的短语 disabled access to buildings和后面的facilitating hygiene in required areas、 helping provide general是并列关系,由此可知,空格所填词facilitating(促进)和helping(帮助)的语义方向一致,故选improving。

【3】B 解析:空格所在的短语helping provide general to commercial buildings和前面的disabled access to buildings以及facilitating hygiene in required areas为并列关系,提及的都是自动门的好处或给人提供的便利等,故选convenience。

【4】A 解析:空格所在句在讲述自动门的发展历史,提到“1960 年,自动平滑门开始作为商业产品出现”,after being invented six years 意为“在发明六年之后”,由此可知,自动平滑门的发明先于其成为商业产品,故选previously。

【5】B 解析:start out是一个固定搭配,表示“开始”,代入文中表示“它们开始只是一种新奇之物”,符合文意,故选started out。

【6】C 解析:空格前面的as their use has grown表示“随着它们的用途越来越广泛”,空格后的have extended within our technologically advanced world表示“在我们这个科技发达的世界里扩张”。一项产品或物品只有有好处,对人们有用,才会被人们使用,故选benefits。

【7】A 解析:空格所在的主句提到reducing the obstacles put in peoples’ way(减少人们前进道路上的障碍),由此可知,自动门对人们的生活有着积极影响,故选useful。

【8】D 解析:空格后面的by reducing the obstacles put in peoples’ way(通过减少人们前进道路上的障碍)作方式状语,act as是固定短语,表示“充当,起……作用”,与文意相符,故选act。

【9】A 解析:空格后面的making access both in and out of buildings easier for people表示“让人们更容易进出建筑物”,是在描述自动门的好处之一,空格所在的主句中有helps reduce(帮助减少),同样也是在描述自动门的好处,故选as well as。

【10】D 解析:根据上一题的分析可知,空格所在句是在介绍自动门的好处,空格前面有helps reduce the total area(帮助减少总面积),因此空格所填词应该带有负面意思,故选occupied。

【11】A 解析:空格后的smaller buildings to maximise the usable space inside表示“最大化小建筑的内部可用空间”,本句依然是在讲自动门的好处,因此空格所填词代入文中的语义须为正向,故选allow。

【12】C 解析:clear the way是固定搭配,表示“清理道路,排除障碍”,故选clear。

【13】C 解析:rely on是固定搭配,表示“依赖,依靠”,故选relying on。

【14】D 解析:空格后的these methods differ表示“这些方法各异”,空格所在的主句后面提到remain the same(保持一致),前后语义相反,故选Although。

【15】C 解析:空格前提到these methods differ(这些方法各不相同),而空格后提到remain the same(保持一致)。principal表示“基本原理”,符合文意,故选principals。

【16】B 解析:空格前提到Each automatic door system(每种自动门系统),空格后的the light, sound, weight or movement表示“灯光、声音、重量或动态”,空格所填词需要体现空格前后内容的关系。analyse表示“分析”,符合文意,故选analyses。

【17】D 解析:空格所在的短语to 17 the different environments when they are needed in(它们需要的不同环境)目的状语,complement表示“补充”,符合文意,故选complement。

【18】C 解析:空格后面的a busy street(繁忙的街道)是对前文the different environments when they are needed in(它们需要的不同环境)的距离,故选For example。

【19】B 解析:空格后的a motion-sensored door意为“动作感应门”;as it would constantly be opening for passers-by表示“因为它会不断为过往行人打开”,也就是说,动作感应门不适合在繁忙的街道使用,故选suit。

【20】A 解析: 空格前的pressure-sensitive mat意为“压敏垫”,空格后的to limit the surveyed area“限制检查区域”,空格所填词要能体现这两者间的关系。 appropriate表示“适合的”,符合文意,故选 appropriate。





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